She Dreams of Paradise.
Sundus here. Avoiding reality to get away.
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"I don’t understand why when we destroy something created by man we call it vandalism, but when we destroy something created by nature we call it progress."
Ed Begley. Actor, environmentalist (via purplebuddhaproject)

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"I retreat into myself, get lost in myself, forget myself in far-away nights uncontaminated by duty and the world, undefiled by mystery and the future."
Pessoa, Fernando. The Book of Disquiet. 
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You don’t know how much someone is worth to you

until you sell them

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The most important line in the whole damn song. MESSAGE.


does anyone else get friend-jealous really easily?

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ʖ haha got ur nose

( ͡°_ ͡°)

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if u wear heels to school i have a few questions:
1. why

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Shot shot shot shot shot shot everybody
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